Play to Earn Money

This page introduces the UK-based company SuperOne to Japanese people.

Games with both free and paid-for entries, with the aim of winning cash prizes.

By sharing this game with as many people as possible you can earn big money and participate in affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing

You can win up to seven rewards.

How to join

Please email us via the contact at the bottom. Special offers.

Further information

For more information about this company and affiliate marketing, click on the button below.
The default language is Japanese as the page is introduced by a Japanese person, please select the language of your choice from the select language menu to retrieve the information.

Only on this site

If you get more bonuses after completing registration, you can take more income by charging for games. 10% of the purchase price will be paid back in cash exclusively to those who register from this site.
Therefore, please make sure to contact us by email after completing your registration, as we cannot give you cash back if we cannot contact you.